Trending now! Voice Over, season of tech’s most sought after star, blossoms with beauties like Kimberly Brooks announcer of The View. My-oh-my has the dial flipped to the station filled with women holding the purse strings. In the current market place, ladies woman up to the amplification equipment with a new demographic possessing pairs of eager engaged ears.  

During the Golden Age of American radio (with the birth of commercial radio broadcasting in the early 1920s – 1940s), the voice over voice belonged to the fellas. In fact, former studies revealed that the population’s not keen on being told what to do, what to buy or introduced to topics by a female voice therefore, her communication’s null and void.

Shondaland normalized female-power leads on camera crossing over to females dominating off camera. The smartest thing J.J. Abrams did was cast Daisy Jazz Isobel Ridley in The Force Awakens triggering an unaroused demographic to lean in to a thirty year franchise that previously bored them. 

What does this have to do with VO? Everything. Voice Overs are not separated from acting anymore. VO isn’t hidden only known by geeks that go berserk for Comic Con, it’s celebrated, main stream. Film’s influence gave gals the liberty to take back a higher percentage of power unavailable prior to this shift.

90% of voice work went to the big boys but when Don LaFontaine died, so did the voice of God reads. Now it is a nostalgic marker that shows us the way we were.

Once filmmakers did the unthinkable and cast a strong female driven lead in an action role, it activated acceptance for other members of the working pool to rise up. This is a foothold we have been waiting for and it has emboldened us to show this business we are equal.

Exhibit A.

Julia Roberts – Mother Nature – Narration

Julia Roberts – Nationwide – Commercial

Julia Roberts – Smurfs – Animation Film

Exhibit B.

Susan Sarandon – Tylenol Extra Strength  ‘Hide and Seek”- Commercial

Exhibit C.

Allison Janney – Kaiser Permanente – Commercial

Exhibit D.

Viola Davis – Delta ‘Runways’ – Commercial

“Good things come to those who go!” beckons Viola VO tag. You, go Girls!! Here’s to Exhibits E – Z voice by you and by me?!

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P.S. What women voice overs you adore?

P.P.S. Have you heard the shift?

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