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ABC, CBS, NBC (technically promos however in addition to shows airing on that particular network, the voice of the network drives home the call letters) showcasing how their channel is better than the others because it airs Empire.




Basically a commercial *cough* a promotion for a show or event a network want to bait you with by repeatedly airing it non stop to generate an audience.



It is as if information and a commercial had a baby… Better known as DR or Direct Response, these formula “shows” (under AFTRA contracts) get “cut down” to typically 5 minute, 1:20 commercials (under SAG contracts). The merger finally combined these silly contracts recently updated when the older ones expired March 31, 2016. Typically, these beauties air longer than regular radio, tv or web spots that typically last :15/:30/:60 with 2.8 – 3.6 seconds for a tag or telephone number. Like a song, they have a form where the bridge is CTA.  Call To Action entices the consumer to buy products directly versus going out to a store. They are big business with giant Guthy-Renker’s in house (Liberman Patton) and independent production companies (Caudill and Associates) garnering Clios or Telly awards for their retail contributions.




Welcome to Bank of America. An automated system that takes the place of a person. For English, press one, for Spanish press two, for a lobotomy press three. Uh huh. Please say or enter the last four digits of your ATM debit card. 




Previously books on tape, now a thriving @audiobook_community from @tantoraudio, @torbooks, @blackstoneaudio, @ hachette_audio, @macmillanaudio, @rhaudiobooks, @randomshousekids or industry go to @audiofilemagazine. Check out my Audio Book 101 post for more info.




From the Price Is Right or Saturday Night Live to the Oscars or Vin Scully in Echo Park at Dodger Stadium, the voice is not ISDN or phone patched, a present person’s live and ready to party. Recently, prerecorded bumpers assist in the live announce portion giving biographical insight. These credits are a part of event preproduction. For 80 years, AFTRA performers; today, SAG-AFTRA performers. Live VO announcements prior LA OPERA’s performances at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion requesting for cell phones to be turned to silent.

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