Here are some hidden Voice Over opportunities for your marketing agendas.







A factual tool a doctor or office uses to walk you through an upcoming procedure. A video presentation walks patient through steps with pictures of appropriate anatomy or a person who has recovered happily golfing pain free.




Have you ever been filling up and the flat screen on the top portion of the gas pump starts talking? Yep. That was me. In Florida. Introducing new communities for one of my favorite clients: KB HOME.





Ever pay extra for those handy headphones that self guide you through an exhibit? A VO peep lies down those handy points walking you through the installation, equipping you with usefulness that could cause you to win on Jeopardy one day. Or at least a mean game of Trivia Pursuit at home. To cultivate art interest, a good voice actor will act out as curator in the booth, drawing the guest into the collection. Also combats need for nap or boredom.



Cars, Home, Boat, have paid professional voice actors in addition to brand ambassadors who pump the goods features and benefits. VO are hired through particular agencies to allure you with the meat and potatoes of their product, elevating their brand above their competitors and hopefully leaving you with a new or improved positive association with the brand. Carved angles shaped by tone, emphasis and deliberate intent of VO pros who pimp out the Los Angeles Auto Show at Staples Center or (insert interchangeable rotating trade show) in Vegas. Either position for fairs takes a ton of energy and pays well.




Toy and game manufacturers cast VO actors to speak in their characters native tongue. We are knee deep in super hero reprise, granting geeks, I mean, voice actors an app to play their childhood friends for the next gen. Car companies now have cars that chat more than a creepy Chatty Cathy doll. Industrials that air in their lobbies and service waiting rooms are specific to that dealership customer rather than spots broadcast on national tv. Both tools for promotion, industrials have more time to establish a shot displaying details due to the fact it does not have to fit into a cute commercial with a time code. On air time is valuable when companies are paying premium rates to run their campaigns especially during the Super Bowl when everyone is watching. This voice could easily be voice of beverage however, most of us do not have a reason to go to the Coca Cola office unless we work there. At which point, if anything is shown to us in training for said job, would be an industrial.


A tool used my corporations to dispense information whose sole purpose targets their internal camp. For example, igniting a team to win such a sales force. Ryland Homes, hired me to play a female reporter to fire everyone up. This incentive for their sales force took place in a locker room, airing during an in house kick off. Lauren Bacall was famously known for her voice for the house of Porsche. They are usually void of picture but there are times the recorded script is dropped in to punctuate screen graphics, logos or actor / employee dramatizations. These vo’s are non broadcast or internal audiences within vs national.




Welcome to GM on star or pre cell phone compasses, Garmin Nuvi. Cue the Global Positioning System parade.




Siri. Apps like WAZE come with a voice menus seducing users choosing gender, accent and pitch. Or Web tours. Online tutorials via E-learning: educational technology that helps people learn in ways that are cheap, simple and fast. You-Tube channels require VO hosts.




Some high end hotels like the Mandarin Oriental at Columbus Circle or a gorgeous building like the Empire State may or may not having a talking elevator. You’ve been warned.




Whether you are being transported up the hill to the Getty in Brentwood, or a vehicle driving you around Northwest Trek in Eatonville trams can offer canned references such as a local subway or busses announcing useful facts. Trams are also offer live announcers that you can see or not depending on where you are sitting. In the form of their tour guides, such as the larger than life peeps at Universal Studios or the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland, who belt out “welcome to Universal Studiossssssssssss, Hollywood” or ushering you through the studio “here is the Back To The Future set,” “Bates Hotel.” or a “New York Street.” Gently reminding you, “photography and video is strictly prohibited.”

Service for the Blind, Celebrity Voice Matches, Theme Parks, Trade Shows, Web Use et cetera. Online content is referred by the union contracts as New Media.

In your daily life, were you aware that you are surrounded by voice overs?

What have I missed? Are there some examples ringing through your mind now?

Break a Lip,



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