Sounds of Summer  


Crazy Rich Asians





Asian voices joyfully fill the ginormous 25 year on screen void we’ve yearned for.


Rotten Tomatoes / Teigen & Kalingthe new mod fem Siskel & Ebert agree!







Part One >


Part Two >


Part Three >

Part Four >



Dream Girl #QOTD



“[It should be] To create meaning by getting as close to the truth as possible in everything you do and that way even if you never win an award the work in and of itself is an Award… But if you’ve always made sure that your work comes from your values then you don’t have that emptiness because your choices are dictated by a deep sense of who you are.”          — Constance Wu




Umm…. Guys? Synchronized swimmers celebrate their engagement in a roof top pool in Singapore and why wouldn’t they? Love should always be celebrated. And so should Katherine Ho’s epic Cold Play cover btw… #SongOfSummer


Christoper Robin


With the Voices

Jim Cummings as Pooh / Tigger 


Brad Garret as Eeyore



Toby Jones as Owl













Nick Mohammed as Piglet



Peter Capaldi as Rabbit


Sophie Okonedo as Kanga



The creatures are real:

All you have to do is go here and print the fun FREE Christopher Robin Movie Coloring Book pages!


Keep North, Christopher. – Winnie the Pooh

Find the 100 hundred acre woods for you… And don’t loose your inner child.


Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


A very safe place today/night Mister Rodgers movie 🏠: 




Hot Tip: Bring Kleenex.

Break a Lip,




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P.S.S. There are no voice overs on the movie trailers.

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