Voice Overs are everywhere. And they need everyone. How do you make commercials convo?

Personalize them. Make the sitch relevant to you. So you give the editor choices. Alt ways to say the same thing new. My fav trick is to play with status. Elevate your subject by pretending as if you are speaking to someone you have immense respect for. A being you cannot believe you would ever have a chance to communicate with. Being in awe is right angle to open you pie hole! Who needs another interchangeable expressionless reader?

Don’t worry too much about who you think they are trying to reach as a demographic, that is not the audience you refer to when you read. What you say becomes general because it is too broad. Talk to a friend and it will feel to them you are speaking directly to THEM.



  1. Be your own Santa. Inspire yourself to feel it or they won’t.
  2. Start from place of not knowing where to start.
  3. Break the ice with a cool lead-in:
  4. Once Upon A Time . . .
  5. Here’s The Deal . . .
  6. Talk to someone you love.
  7. Sources give confidence & organically grant audible smile – heard as you speak script.
  8. Fill in the imaginary dialogue complimenting given text.
  9. If copy opens with a question, ask name of source, “
  10. Script is written from problem/solution angle.

Peel off the pressure, by setting the tone.


  1. Affirm each read with ‘but this is fun.’
  2. Can you believe we get to do this?!
  3. Show ’em a good time!
  4. It goes like this . . .
  5. Take their order.
  6. Tell them about the town.
  7. Bring them a toothbrush.
  8. Get them another blanket.
  9. Arrive with flowers.
  10. You’re the cruise ship director/mayor.  Own it.



Gotcha! Not so fast … albeit revolves around time – as in amount of seconds you typically are allotted to speak aka timecode, you need to ask for the sale. Uh huh. Commercial voice over is all about increasing revenue. You are a tool advertising crafted to go talk to people. Go market for them – that’s why you were cast – to make them *ahem* the brand sound good. Apparently that makes most folks feel uncomfortable. I was never that person so I gave you basic principles featured above to trick you into acting normal. Whilst you get paid to tell people to buy stuff. You’re welcome.


Here’s a neat reset that embraces expectancy:

Each morn, write down five things you wish for.





In 21 days, let’s share how our lives changed!

I’m gonna do it with you. We’re together.


My why is you.

Tell me what you want to know specifically about VO.

Think this is corny? A dream is a wish your heart makes but it hurts if you don’t call forth what is not as if it is and take action. Try it. It may be too woo-woo for you and maybe that’s exactly what your hopeless disappointed faith lacking soul needs. Doing proves your past wrong by the act of choosing to believe. Again. Dare ya. Would you procrastinate if I told you just by barely showing up it would be enough?

Gentle Reminder: Have a Joe Average read. It’s staggering that 99% will be right if you try.


Break a Lip,

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P.S. This post is dedicated to my VO BRO Michael Ochoa who stepped up to the mic today and has come a long way!

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