Wait, who’s Gabby Sanalitro? She really is one of a kind… She is loyal, generous and fun. You may have heard  my next guest speaking fluent Italian as Isabella on a tiny show, I’m not sure if you heard of it, Bob’s Burgers? Join me in signing the petition to make Izzy permanent.




Did Gabby’s voice overs freak you out getting their female ghouls on for this video game flop,


… Did I mention she’s a Guest Star?  Shhhhh!





You may have witnessed her wonder on —


 as South El Monte Plaintiff,

 as Regina on

or as Gloria, the cleaning lady on   ! Eat your heart out as Gladys

the Lunch Lady serves hot tater tots recurring on ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn’ —


— recurring on ‘That’s So Raven’ Spinoff ‘Raven’s Home!’  Gloria just rules.  Let’s just say she’s fond of cats.

She’s VERY fancy.  NOT.  Try super down to earth for a Prom Queen from Mother Theodore Guerin (an all-girls) High School at 80th & Belmont back in Chicago.

Guerin Prep, holla at your GURL!


Gabby is neighbor goals.  She’s the modern day Mrs. Roper you wish would come and knock on your door!




Gabby brightens blue collar honoring livelihoods of real people who’ve always made America great. Working class immigrants from Agira, Sicily like her Daddio Diodoro, arriving in the late 60s, built our country on their backs. Gabby’s gift of finding joy in the mundane releases us to laugh and feel welcome in her performances.





Hollywood, it’s time to promote this seasoned pro to prime time in simultaneous sit-coms, voice over series regulars on animated series, film animation, more video games plus any Actor’s Equity she can squeeze in if she’s not in her trailer. She plays a waitress in an upcoming film with an Oscar Winner for goodness sake!





Mystery solved. Now you know who she is! Follow the irreplaceable Gabby Sanalitro on Insta then click on her IMDb page—  she just booked 98 things while you were reading.  Like Will & Grace. Click!



America’s best friend is worthy of her OWN show!  Save some jobs for the rest of us!

Break a Lip,




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