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Introducing My Hollywood Voice. I’m tickled you’re here! Get ready for some tips, take-aways and call to actions. Do commercials feel weird?  Are you uncomfortable with how to enter into the work? — HINT:


Enthusiasm is the same thing as selling.

I noticed in the vo workshops I teach as each person gets up to the mic to read the same thing, audible sounds of approval arrive out of everyone’s mouth. Out of the gate, each learn they all read great. Ooo’s and aww’s build confidence that prove my ‘preference’ point. Gatekeepers pick what they like and it has absolutely nothing to do with talent! VO can be an isolating industry. Being in a group illuminates how the other half lives. Once you hear other’s choices and voices, it’s easy to get out of your head. It’s fun to witness that we all have what it takes and none of us is in this alone. Let’s make money and dive into the highest earning vo gigs! Do you feel fake telling people to buy stuff? View copy as a map for an elaborate scavenger hunt. Each word has been approved by legal and has been soaked by the copywriters sweat. Harvey Kalmenson loves to use, “ignore the punctuation,” direction and don’t get me wrong, it is a super fun directive as an loosen up exercise to get one out of their head in an audition. The comma can be an incredible space to breathe. The word AND after two prior Benies can be the delightful place to lean to allow the third feature to sing (or top the other two) crafting an exclamation mark that takes ya to the tag. How about we take a gander at the words we have to say using some cool ways to connect to copy?

To Elaborate:

10 Tips To Analyze Voice Over Commercial Copy

  1. The script is written in a problem / solution format.
  2. Find the treasure in the copy.
  3. Open with an invitation to indulge: Billboard Brand. 
  4. Traumatize problem with vocal variance.
  5. Number meat & potatoes like a tour guide.
  6. Specify how features & benefits solve problem. Glorify answer!
  7. Close with an offer they can’t refuse.
  8. Stick landing [tag: url, phone number, slogan, brand].
  9. Guarantee it (either offer or solution or both) with reassurance.
  10. Turn copy: pursue five actions.

Scroll down to bottom of post for handy list of actions.

Back to our previously scheduled program. VO is an abbreviation for voice over.

noun \ ˈvȯis-ˌō-vər\

1the voice of an unseen narrator speaking (as in a motion picture or television commercial)

b the voice of a visible character (as in a motion picture) expressing unspoken thoughts

How do you get voice over opportunities? After  booking car and communication campaigns (without demo or agent), I made a demo (built a few new spots to showcase missing signatures + aired spots). I took a heart idea including color choices to a local print shop, researched production companies and sent out my homemade demos. This action opened a new vo door for me, DR (Direct Response). I was in Sephora one day and realized I was the voice of almost every product they sold. I became a WEN  girl, than an IT  girl by doing a good job with Bare Escentuals. I call it the goose that laid a golden egg. Let me affirm you, it is possible to book union vo work without representation. I am living proof. Never let someone not seeing your value hold you back!



You may or may not have heard me mouthing off as announcer for Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner.






Lend me your ears :


It all started with an invitation to indulge, ‘Imagine a skincare, makeup soo pure, you can sleep in it!’

My CTA changed the game. On a wedding road trip, I saw Bare Escentuals in my girlfriends makeup bags way before they knew I was the voice of their makeup. Back then, the product was only available by calling the number on the screen.

Talking directly to them, (actually saying their names in the booth prior to the written copy) called them to pick up their phones. In 2000, I found myself not relating with the car so I pretended Hyundai was a hot busser I used to work with from The Metropolitan Grill (on Second & Marion). Now people call my style ‘conversational’ or the non announcer. I came up with this technique in order to not feel phony. Talking to someone gave me a way to tell the truth. I had to justify why I was paid to speak vs. park & bark.

I had evidence was connecting with consumers. Dear friends continue to send me photos of their wives with Bare Minerals. My read established a Bare prototype as well as other beauty signature voice templates submitted as reference for auditioning talent. Check out the subject line of the email Dave Hager (starred in Double Jeopardy with Jones & Judd) sent, “See how well you sold BARE MINERALS.” This picture was the only thing I saw in the email. No words. How gorgeous is Miss Sandra?!

My interesting gig got me asked back to my high school to talk with the drama kids. Meet up & coming Voice Over Darling’s like this girl gang I taught in an all girl teen vo workshop. In an adult workshop after Glam’ma Theresa fell in love with the mysterious world of voice overs asked, “Where can we go to find community?”


MHV is a place where you could go to learn everything I know about VO! Questions? Ask away in comments.


[“I’m moving ahead with pursuing a VO career. Right now I’m developing my business and just want to check into how others are set up. I will certainly check with my accountant, too.“] J Howard Boyd asks,If you don’t mind sharing, are you set up as an LLC, S-corp, sole proprietor or something else?”


Happy to share! I file as a sole proprietor. You mentioned in your email that you were going forward with your vo biz (yeah!) and you wanted to pregame ; if I may be so bold, pre-organizing tax tasks should be the very last aspect to consider in your voice over business.

Why don’t you instead, focus ways to gain experience by promoting your giftings to as many people as possible? Worry about being SO known first. As you get traction, look for the casting pattern. It will be clear what you are good at. You will discover clients keep returning to one or two of your qualities. Having five demos is fruitless (commercial, industrial or non broadcast or corporate, animation, interactive — video games, audio books, narration et cetra). A solid commercial demo books most, an audio book demo (publishers ask for five minutes of literature) will book the rest such as vo on a documentary (narrator). Connect face to face with people who run local recording studios, volunteer to read for the blind, hone your social media or build a website. Killer talent, demos or your kindness are givens but if you cannot market yourself by getting the gig before the demos, you will never earn the dough to warrant convo’s re: do-re-mi.

If you find yourself making a fortune like The Rock, become an LLC to protect your assets. It doesn’t make sense to have the extra expenditure of huge annual fee just to keep it open. Keep in mind you have to pay each year even if you do not make a dime. If you are just starting out by yourself, LLC & S-corp are treated the same for tax purposes. LLC – you can spilt it up anyway you want. If you eventually want to add partners this is your best bet. S-corp – has to be divided up evenly depending on the percentage of shares.

What are your  VO goals?






Please let me know in the comments below…


Let me leave you with a litany of actions you could take in your reads:

Songs are my fav lead-in… I enter warm (emotionally available + breath hooked up).

Break a Lip,



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