Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.


Could you for one minute consider that you might not know it all?

Challenging yourself is healthy even when it hurts like hell.

This past weekend, I completed a host bootcamp in Santa Monica with Marki Costello.  Dragging my carcass home saturday night, I was filled with equal parts exhilaration and terror.

By five am sunday morning, all I wanted to do was pull my stinging eye balls out of my head.  The voice of my inner thoughts whispered, ‘You don’t have to go.’  For a few seconds I pondered the consequences of not going as I slapped my new coach’s, “progress not perfection,” ointment on my face.  I got my butt to the beach, respecting Ms. Costello and myself more than my flaws.

There are certain things you cannot teach.

Can I get a witness?

Character is one of them.

I showed up because I craved accountability from someone who is GOOD AT HER JOB (pardon my yelling).  Marki is a badass that does not give two toots about my history or excuses.

We can lie to ourselves all day long about a lot of things, huh?

Ya know what the cool thing is?  If you have the courage to suit up with a gladiator, you actually see your truth.

Things were definitely exposed and I WAS RELIEVED (Oops, screaming again, my bad).  Know why?  She was right.

It feels good to be caught.  Let me say that again this time for emphasis — IT FEELS GOOD TO BE CAUGHT.  There is nothing sexier than lack being exposed.  HINT: See Title.

Whether you want to read the next few paragraphs of nostalgic junk or not, this past weekend I learned that it is paramount to reveal, so here ya go…

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